Saturday, May 22, 2010

You are in a safe city camera area

I confessed, I walked on Burke street Mall so many times, I've never notice there is Union Lane runs between Bourke Street and Little Collins Street ( between David Jones and 'The Walk Arcade' ) since I started this blog, I learn more about Melbourne.

This is the street art project ( The mural in Union Lane will be conducted under the City of Melbourne's legal street art permit system , so all street artists don't get caught for A$1000 ) 

That's why when I got there, I saw the sign " You are in a safe city camera area " with City of Melbourne's logo. It look weird for me, and more weird...I saw someone leads a group of tourists into This alley way. Of corse, I found out later.

In now day, Have some one runs a walking tour in Melbourne called " Walk to Art " see more If you interested someone to guild you  : walk to art 

But If you want to learn street art by yourself click this link : Melbourne Graffiti

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