Friday, August 20, 2010

The meeting point : Architectural Fragment

By Petrus Spronk
Bluestone sculpture called " Architectural Fragment " 1992
Corner of Swanston and La Trobe Streets

Born in Holland, Petrus Spronk immigrated to Australia in 1957 and trained as a ceramicist and sculptor in South Australia. He was commissioned to undertake Architectural Fragment for the Swanston Street Walk Public Art Project in 1992, and it was unveiled the following year.

Sited outside the State Library of Victoria, the pyramidal, Port Fairy bluestone sculpture represents a fragment of the library emerging from the pavement as an archaeological artefact might. It has been conceived to engage with its environment, visually connecting to its surroundings through both form and material.

Spronk's intention was to create a dialogue of sorts between art, history and place. His inspiration was Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem 'Ozymandias', which speaks of the fragile and transient nature of all that is human. Quoting from the poem, the pedestal reads: 'My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my work you Mighty, and despair.' Architectural Fragment is a Pythagorean triangle, which expresses a strong association with the geometry of ancient Greece. Like a fallen classical monument, it reflects the past and alludes to the transience of the present.


J Bar said...

I love it.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

paul said...

Nice shot! I am intrigued, nbecause in Auckland we have a set of three sculptures in this vein in Western Park by John Radford, dated about 2000. I hope to take some shots of them in the near future.

Carraol said...

Exceptional post, the Spronk's work is impressive, architectural, sculptural, urban and street art, really superb!

EG Wow said...

It's an interesting piece made even more so by its location. Thank you for the history of the piece.

Anna said...

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Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad that you noticed that my cats are well-treated! They are very much loved.
Best wishes,

Luis Gomez said...

What an excellent piece! Love your image.

Ann said...

hehhe, I wonder who did it first. Here in Ponsonby, we have these too.

Evelyn said...

I love this b & w. Great shot.

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