Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Color of Ophelia

This is Southgate features the iconic sculpture by celebrated artist Deborah Halpern. A sculpture consisting of mosaic tiles,  Deborah usually begins her mosaic work with sketches, although not all pieces are planned. Next, the figure is created from steel mesh and sprayed with expanding foam. Deborah then carves the shape of her piece and covers it with a fibro-glass skin. Finally, ceramic tiles are adhered to the skin to create the mosaic sculpture. All Deborah's pieces are decorated with a "big face." This is her signature and it gives her artworks life and emotion.

Deborah also has a sculpture positioned in Birrarung Marr, called ‘Angel’ see my old posted : Angle


Steffe said...

It's the first time I see any of her work, but it looks very familiar.I like it.

Au and Target said...

It looks like modern Bali articrafts.

merrytait said...

I like this a lot! Thank you for sharing it!

lizziviggi said...

I like it! It reminds me of a friendly cartoon alien.

paul said...

Big impact sculpture, well captured (I would have been deterred by the umbrella, I think, but it really adds to the image). Interesting technique that you describe.

kostas said...

I think it will be better without the umbrella!
I like cearamics art,its like Gaudi artwork in Barcelona.
Have a nice day.

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