Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Melbourne Exhibition Centre

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre was opened on 14 February 1996, and hosts thousands of large exhibitions, some being annual events.

It has a pillarless floor space of 30,000 square metres, making it the largest pillarless floor space in the southern hemisphere. This building is also known as "Jeff's Shed" after the then premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett, intervened to have the building used as a convention centre, rather than as a museum as originally intended.

The building was designed by Denton Corker Marshall, an architectural firm responsible for many of Melbourne's larger buildings through the early 1990s, and features their characteristic "blade" entrance. In 1998 a covered footbridge was erected between the Exhibition and Convention centres, parallel to the Spencer Street Bridge.


nobu said...

It has a unique architecture.
I like that roof over the bridge.

Greyscale Territory said...

A very distinctive design! Not sure if it could rank as beautiful, but I feel it is definitely artistic! Great shot!

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