Saturday, July 31, 2010

Funny street performance

I just love this street performance. It was so funny. This kind of performance is play around Melbourne. Last time, I saw in Brunswick Festival. And this time at Federal Square.

First, I think I am not going to watch this show because I was about to across the road and he just turn up. While I wait for the traffic light. He starts his show. And it was so funny. Finally, I have to walk back, sat down and watched his show. He plays with the random people around him. For me, It is cool. Because he play with random people. He can't be prepare any script or any performance. And he have to made random people ( who always ran away ) to be a part of his funny performance.

Like this girl in the first photo, he saw her want to take a photo of him. He just say " Common ! get a great photo...I know you want it " and then he suddenly lay down did a several funny posture for her. After she got all shots, he offered to take photo of her by her camera. She passed it on to him and then he just ran away with camera and offer to the people who walks passed " 2 dollar...Great deal...Great camera...Great price...last chance !..2 dollar !! "


It's good to have a good laugh : )


Luis Gomez said...

Great set of shots!

crocrodyl said...

Looks funny and interesting! Great photos!

AWANG said...

I like this shoot,thanks for sharing.
It's fun & interesting :)

Annelie said...

Love this set!

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